Back to the future…..with BIM!

I’m just reflecting on another South East BIM Hub meeting this afternoon.

Mervyn Richards, gave us the final one in his series with us, where we’ve explored the world of BIM, and the UK Taskgroup documents such as PAS1192/2 and the big daddy of them all BS1192/2007.

Today, we trotted through the various roles in 1192, including the Project Information Manager and the Task Information Manager.

We chatted for a while and then MR put up a much older presentation about Heathrow T5.

This was 18 years ago.

We saw models, geometry, data, process, a federated single model environment. Visuals and co-ordinated models that rival anything you see in various “hollywood” style presentations today.

If you’re familiar with Moore’s law then you will know that the computing power and IT infrastructure available then was considerably less than that we have now.

This was a Common Data Environment, effectively 1192 at work, on a massive project, that demonstrated substantial savings and efficiencies. Mervyn also mentioned in passing the Dassault Catia system used by Frank Gehry among others, for a long time. (He produces weird looking buildings, which you couldn’t do without BIM!)

So I guess, really the question for me is – if that was then , and this is now, why are we so slow to adopt this way of working?

Food for thought!

Cheers :o)


PS – Answers on a postcard please to @ThePhilpster!




4 thoughts on “Back to the future…..with BIM!

  1. Oh my dearest John, the poignant point of all is that the AECO is the slowest in adopting the formation of the digital world.

    For one of my tiresome tasks, I had to have a debate with Oracle on the orders of digital know how of the construction industry. The response I got was, “Damn, we feel that the construction industry is so backward that we don’t even have them as a client within some of our product sectors…”.
    So I went to the very first tier of data assembly. MySql. Huuummm. Test it for yourself. There is no industry recognition for construction or civils or a another subset of…
    While there are die hard’s 1, 2, & n out there, the message to the industry is Fcuked. The biggest problem is the need. There is no need as there is no mandate. No mandate in the legal sense. Only when people are against the wall, they react.

    It is all about the data as I am reminded every day. In comparison, Mervyn and his boys did what they did, on T5, in a closet. What is happening now is rolling it out to the Roman Empire and the rest! Great to learn from T5 but different orders.


    1. thanks Raj. perhaps this is the sobering reality of what we’re dealing with – may be it will take another major external force to push the industry over the cliff of innovation, to jump the chasm – competition? regulation? desperation? i’ve a feeling something is going to give here, but not quite sure where! :o)


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