I wasn’t there, but I understand that at BIMShowLive this week, someone who I know, respect and work with had the line “No to UK BIM crew” in his presentation. It provoked a debate, and made me think. I was planning to write something else but just had to write this first!

If you follow the Uncanny X-Men, (who doesn’t?!! :o) then you will be familiar with the House of M storyline. The Scarlet Witch with her universe warping powers declares one day “no more mutants!” and suddenly there aren’t and an alternative reality is born…

It makes me think. What is the point of any movement, facilitator, great leader? Once their objectives, mantras, ideals are realised, what then?

Can we envisage a world beyond the BIMcrew, BIM Hubs, support groups? Isn’t the role of any great movement, facilitator, mentor, to do themselves out of a job? Movements arise out of a need for change, because there is a vision of a better place, a better way.

Isn’t it a sign of our maturity that we recognise that this is all just a phase..otherwise we become stuck, we calcify, freeze. Our glee meetings become ends in themselves, while the great unwashed shiver in the cold outside.

Dramatic perhaps, but movements, morph, change, die out, grow old, fade. And you are left with a rump that is the pale shadow of the creative and innovative forces that gave it birth. Ageing rockers, with boot cut jeans, leather jackets and beer guts!

So what am I saying? To misquote my good friend Yoda, “Balance in the Force you need ”

YES! We need our groups where we can meet like minded people, get enthusiastic, recharged, and innovate, think new thoughts, grand ideas and all that. We need, must have, the energy to achieve.

BUT …..it has to be directed outwards. There are 2 – 3 million people out there in the industry, up and down the country, they need to hear, understand, change, implement, grow, develop.

If we don’t change the industry for the better, we will have failed.

Let us not waste this moment – for the first time both the drivers for change and the technology to support it are in place- we are in a pivotal nexus in the history of construction in the UK. We can actually make this stick!!

We might have enjoyed the meetings and presentations but if we fail, it will have been a futile exercise. Philpster at the recent 1192/3 event gave what i thought was his best and most mature presentation – the scope of the landscape was breathtaking – beyond level 3, a digital legacy that transforms society, not only our industry. We are but in the digital foothills at the moment….a long way to go we have…..

So time to crack on, as I’ve said before here, only the future of our industry is at stake, so no pressure!

Cheers :o)


PS – This one’s for Andrew…..UK BIMCREW eat your hearts out! Ciao Ciao! J.










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