…the musings of an ageing baby boomer….!

Champagne and cigars

Well then, light a few fireworks, crack open that bottle, light the victory dance cigar…..

My consultancy is 2 years old this week!

Looking back, I’ve had an amazing 2 years in setting up my own company, and doing all sorts of things on the way.

This post is my special thanks to all of you out there who’ve helped me on my way. There are too many to list here, and I know I would only leave someone out!

As much as you learn through experience about the world out there, this has been as much a personal inward journey too. You learn so much about yourself as you enter new situations, push boundaries, and take on new challenges.


I feel like I’ve returned to my roots, I’m now back on site and haven’t had so much fun in years. And this lesson…recognize that if things are to change…whether it’s your life, your job, the industry…. Then it’s down to you (me) to make a start.

As Jim Carey says…”Be the change you want to see “. ( Bruce Almighty…great film!)

As much as this way of life is about earning enough to live on…(many thanks to everyone who paid the bills) to me its also about giving something back, and looking to the future, whether it’s the planet, society or our industry.

Making a difference

Therefore CSR is very important to me and whilst I don’t have the resources of some of the large companies I used to work for, I do my bit in my own way. I support a number of charities…(see my website). I try to mentor younger professionals when I can. In fact I’ll talk to anybody if they want to discuss what they’re doing! (Contact details on here somewhere!).

I work with Surrey SATRO  http://www.satro.org.uk  and Class of Your Own    http://designengineerconstruct.com   …. about getting young people into work and into our wonderful industry. I’ve also sponsored the CIOB student challenge in Southampton in April this year.

To me now, this is definitely the most exciting time of my career so far. Yes we undoubtedly face a whole load of challenges, from global to local but also there are such exciting possibilities.

Our industry is a great place to work. People all over the world, do amazing things every day, in design and construction. They don’t get on a website or the front page of a journal, or win awards, but they do it anyway.

We’re creating tomorrow today, in every line we draw, hole we dig, concrete that’s poured and bolt that’s tightened. Lets make it a good one. For us now and our children, and the planet and all the life that we share with on this spaceship Earth. That’s what sustainability is really about.

Thanks to all

So thank you to everyone who has shared this journey with me so far, including you dear reader. My experience so far has brought home to me the power of networking and sharing. Sometimes we have to move first. In fact its good if we do move first. Share knowledge, cross boundaries, break down silos and change your tribes. That’s what people are waiting for. So stand tall, put your head above the parapet today, make your move and make a difference. Amazing things can happen when we initiate, share and develop ideas!

Be warned!

As for me, well a word of warning! I’m approaching the big Six Oh in a few years. However I’m not done yet! And I believe the best is still yet to come and be, for us all. Let’s face it, if we don’t believe it can be better (whatever IT is) why are we here?

So watch out!

You never know who’s going to turn up on your beach and do a barrel roll at sunrise! That’s me in the bright yellow Sopwith Camel, silk scarf trailing in the slipstream. (Apologies to Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, but I don’t have my own wings).

Thank you all.


Cheers!   :o)


PS Remember…TODAY, make your move, make a difference! What are YOU going to do ?

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