A #BIM #DM Christmas wish…..

Well we made it!

It gets to this time of year and having survived the burst of frenetic activity that December brings, we are suddenly confronted by a few days when we have to slow down and contemplate our navels…its almost compulsory!

So what next? Here are a few of my wishes/come/predictions for 2014.

Nature strikes back, only even more so. We begin to take climate change seriously and the spaceship earth we’re on, in terms of caring for the environment and our fellow travellers.

In response to the reinvigorated RIBA leadership, architects begin to roll back decades of decline, reasserting their influence in the design and construction process, with commensurate rises in respect and financial reward.

ARB gets teeth and protects both function and title. Raising entry standards into the profession and transforming architectural practice.

Design Managers enjoy a surge in popularity and influence, as central to delivery process, with recognition for interfacing design, creating value and innovation.

On the BIM front the industry “gets it” on a scale previously unimagined, and we reach the 2016 target as 2014 closes , 2 years ahead of schedule.

The chemist chain Boots bring out a range of #BIMpills, and they come in a range of funky colours:

The green pill, #Collaborate,  taken before bed time induces a strong desire to collaborate nicely with project team members and stakeholders, share information and work flawlessly in a Common Date Environment. Side effects include pleasant behaviours and sociability.

The blue pill, #GetBIM, taken with a glass of water at lunch time enables people to “get” BIM. Particularly suitable for backward  CEOs and recalcitrant luddite senior management who are not convinced by endless presentations and ROI studies. Side effects include considerate behaviours and empathy and commitment to BIM implementation.

The orange/red pill, #1192COBie, is a two pack combo taken as a course over a weekend, but provides dual expertise in PAS 1192, for both understanding and compliance and in  COBie UK in terms of understanding and commitment to using it. Side effects include becoming overnight supporters of Crystal Palace and Birmingham City.

The pills are available on prescription from your nearest BIM consultant and have been instrumental in moving the industry into the digital age virtually overnight.

Ah well, if only this were all as simple as taking a pill! I guess I can wish or dream can’t I!?

Anyway, so in conclusion, my very best wishes to you and yours at this festive season. Whatever your faith, may your God go with you, and I wish you a very prosperous, joyful, peaceful and exceptional 2014.

I know many of you are reading this around the globe, so I also thank you for your support this year.

My best wishes for 2014!!!



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