We need to talk about BIM……the sequel! – Have you joined the Choir yet?

Tony Bingham’s article in Building this week has provoked some debate.

However Tony has highlighted  something, as a real issue, which simply is that we do need to talk about BIM. Here we are 2 years away from the level 2 target. Someone mentioned at the CITA conference last week that it’s the “BIM choir” that turn up to most events. The same faces, the usual suspects. New people are slowly getting interested but we need to reach 2 million in the industry by 2016! That is no mean feat.

The Level 2 guidance is now in place on the Taskgroup website. (  www.bimtaskgroup.org    ) So you can read up on PAS 1192 Part 2, COBie and see some case studies, lessons learned and work in progress. So we have the framework now…

Perhaps the lesson is that the discussion needs to be informed? Perhaps Tony’s views reflect those of many in the industry, in terms of misunderstanding and misconceptions?

However, the reality is that change is coming to our industry, we can’t continue this way  in the Digital Information Economy and expect to survive. The tribes and silos have to go. Collaboration is the new normal. The only point up for debate is whether we do this for ourselves and get on with it now, or something/someone else forces industry change or takes over and does it for us….( Economics? Google? Apple? …the Chinese?).

Those of us in the “BIM Choir” need to up the game! We need to sing louder….it’s all gone quiet over there!



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