Who needs clients?

Obvious question perhaps but we all do? And perhaps not for the reasons you think. They could be a convenient excuse – I will explain! I’ve attended a few meetings about BIM adoption recently, and the thorny question of Client requirement or sponsorship has come up quite a few times now. I’ve found myself disagreeing […]

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3D print to go

This week I attended a meeting with Construction Manager magazine at the offices of http://www.iMakr.com. They market various 3D printers and technologies. While we were waiting to be shown round, we discussed all sorts of possibilities like printing buildings on the Moon or spare parts for space stations, printing buildings onsite . The reality check […]

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BIM – What’s the risk?

I almost said what’s the fuss? Attended a great meeting at G4C Berkshire this week at the offices of Boyes Turner LLP in Reading. Myself , Ewan Maclean and Fred Mils of The B1M fame were speaking, presenting different perspectives on the risk of BIM. Whilst we had quite a detailed review of what can […]

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