CITA – leading by example…

It was my privilege to be with the guys at CITA in Dublin a few weeks ago. Didn’t write it up at the time so this is a bit of catch up.

Check them out at

We talked about BIM in pre-construction, and there were several software vendors supporting the event, as well as contractors and designers. It was well attended , about 40/50 people, at a “breakfast” event at the Radison.

I was left with a number of really positive impressions. CITA have done and are doing a number of great things that many groups could do well to learn from.

Firstly they’re willing to collaborate and share. We’ve been in the digital/information age/economy for a while and now we are really beginning to see its impact – not just in the construction industry which is shall I say rather reptilian in its adoption of technology!  Digital is transforming our lives, and connection is key. In fact not to be connected is to be dead in the water. With connection comes sharing and exchange of ideas, the catalyst for creativity and innovation. And yes you will sometimes have to share your best stuff, but you made it first, and you’ll be in front anyway.

Secondly, very very very well organised. Admittedly CITA has been going for 10 years or so, they’ve had time to put in place governance and structures, but it is nevertheless a framework that enables growth and innovation rather than stifling their ideas and activities. Their status as a non-profit company/charity opens up access to funding opportunities and arrangements from which we could learn a lot.

Thirdly, they have lots of projects on the go. Such as following a BIM pilot from conception to completion, such as the MSc they’ve launched with leading european experts, and also the ongoing talks, lectures, and webinars.

Check out the MSc here

It seem to me almost every week, there’s an announcement from them about something. I think their reach goes way beyond Ireland and is to be much admired.

And of course there is the The Gathering this November in Dublin, which will be an international gathering of BIM people, to discuss share and learn together.

Check it out here

I’m really looking forward to this, I think it will be one THE BIM events of the year!

As I said on the day, I think CITA are doing great work in the field of bringing construction into the digital age, led by Alan Hore and Ralph Montague and others. They need to just keep on doing what they’re doing.

And this applies to anyone doing this sort of stuff. It can feel like head banging sometimes, but never lose sight of the fact we are changing an industry for the better – the greatest shift in the industry since the Industrial Revolution – and it is inevitable. Keep the faith!

CITA have another killer advantage – which is Dublin itself, which is a great city, and the Irish welcome and charm. They are are a great bunch of people to work with, and as you can tell I was impressed – just a bit!

So I’m sure in November there will be shared a number of BIMbeers or will it be BIM guinness?

Looking forward to it!

See you there…still time to book!



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