even on holiday…..there is no escape…resistance is futile!

I’ve just enjoyed a few days with my family in the Bay of Naples at Sorrento. I tried to be good but in the end had to give in to the wine, limoncello, pasta, pizza and ice cream!!! (They made me!)

Anyway we were on a tour of Herculaneum, famous for being affected by the same eruption from Mount Vesuvio in 79 AD, as for Pompei.

However,  Herculanueum is much better preserved as it was affected by ash and silt rather than the more percussive effects that destroyed Pompei. Well worth a visit…absolutely fascinating.

Lo and behold – BIM comes out of nowhere and hits me between the eyes.

In 2006 with the help of Hewlett Packard, the archaeological team used BIM and 3D modelling technologies, including laser scanning,  to survey the ruins and excavations, to understand what they had, and to help plan their work.

Fantastic! Check it out here: http://www.herculaneum.org

For all you people that think BIM is just for big new projects, you need to think again. This is serious ground breaking (literally!) stuff, and demonstrates use of BIM on heavy duty conservation work.

Really worth a look, and food for thought!



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