Welcome to BIM Airways…we hope you enjoy your flight!

I was flying back from Dublin, from a CITA event, and the aircrew were doing their usual safety drill. Few were really watching, or listening. Many continued chatting away. I wondered how many would really know what to do if something did go wrong?

Its a message we hear every time we fly, and its important, the basics of what to do in an emergency. Yet…we ignore it!

And then I thought…well what what would be the equivalent for BIM?

1 – Always use agreed protocols, get your execution plan sorted BEFORE you start.

2 – Understand the capabilities of your whole team

3 – Learn to collaborate and share nicely with the other children on the project/asset

4 – Use industry standard guidance, eg BIM Taskgroup docs, PAS 1192/2, COBie UK 2012, Digital Plan of Work etc

5 – Think very hard about what the Client wants and is trying to achieve from BIM before you start.

6 – Accept that this is going to be a lifelong learning experience- nothing is perfect, there’s always room for improvement, so learn AND share, be open about what’s going on, warts and all. It’s the only way we’ll change our industry for the better.

7  – Plug into the networks for support, learning and best practice…the regional BIM hubs, The B1M, UK BIM crew, BIM net and so on.

Collaborate, collaborate, and collaborate…and if in doubt collaborate!



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