what the world needs now……

….is ideas

I attended an event at Brighton Uni School of Architecture this week. It was helping with mock interviews for Part 1 students, and I was blown away by what I saw.

The ideas, vision, creativity of the department and the students was amazing.

Three stood out for me. Firstly Tina with her vision of the biggest table in Brighton as a focus for communities to come together, to eat, talk, work, meet up, gather and live. The kitchen table in many homes is the centre of family life. Imagine this on an urban scale!

Secondly Ray, with her ideas for a Youth Offenders Institution, it was a cross between the Archigram Walking City and a shanty town on stilts, and the way it responded to the cliff edge topography was superb.

And Bronwen with her Soap Factory – this challenged my perceptions, and it took me some time to get my head round it but the project had a whimsical lyrical, almost dreamlike quality about it. And yet if you dig , underneath, there was a detailed understanding of how the soap process and factory actually works. Outstanding!

I wonder whether we accentuate the wrong things?

At the moment it will be hard for these students to get jobs. Those that do will probably have to grind though days of autocad and door schedules . Many will not get jobs, this is the sad reality. Some will be lost to the profession forever. It is our loss.

You can learn to punch buttons, draw lines, render a visual. Can you learn to be creative, look at things differently, have an innate optimism that asks “why not?”.

We need this now , more than ever, as with our growing emphasis on technology , we need to remember that underneath it all, we are people. Our human-ness is what can make a difference. And it starts with you and me.





PS If you get chance, spend a day at the seaside and check out the grad show at Brighton Uni, and treat yourself to an ice-cream!




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