Growth through BIM

Greetings earthlings.

I know I know. There’s just too much to read about BIM, too many books, stuff on the web, conferences , meetings, groups, and all sorts of stuff going on.

Anyway, if you only read one book on BIM this month, or even this year, then read this:

“Growth through BIM”, by Richard Saxon.

It is available here: as a FREE download!!!

Richard is a Past President of the RIBA and Constructing Excellence, and is UK Ambassador for BIM.

His report gives an analysis of BIM in the UK and also  globally and  explores the future of BIM in the UK, and the implications for UK PLC.

This is a stunning, current analysis of where we are and where we’re going, and is a must read for anyone interested in BIM in any way at all.

I’d say buy it now, but you don’t need to, click download and away we go…



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