Confessions of a freelancer – I’m a secret birler.

Firstly apologies. I’m a bit late this month. So there’s going to be a splurge of stuff over the next few days!

Seth Godin in his book V is for Vulnerable, An ABC for grown ups (great read, lots of pictures, and takes about 10 minutes) uses the term “birling”.

As in “birl” that log. Its a game that outdoors types play by spinning logs in the water by walking on them. There is even a sport built around this activity. Anyway, once the log is spinning, you have to keep moving or you fall off. Life as a freelancer is a bit like that.

If you’re marketing you’re not getting the work done. If you’re doing the work, the marketing doesn’t get done, and then there won’t be any work. If you’re out on the road for a few days, the emails and calls pile up.And so on.


It’s a question of balance, and sometimes you fall………….



So..time to get back on that log and do some birling.








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