actually the train left some time ago……

I was at a dinner a while ago with those very nice people at Surrey SATRO who do great things for young people. ( ). I was talking with a digital security expert and he opened my eyes to what has already happened around us.

It is as though the tide came in or the train left and we didn’t even know! Our digital footprints are everywhere and it is increasingly difficult to control this. It’s not just the internet, if you have a debit or credit card then all your transactions are tracked and fed into the Big Data soup so that conglomerates can track and  predict what we want and when.

If you have a smart phone or even a relatively intelligent one, then you have in your pocket considerably more processing power than the Apollo 11 Command Module (1969).

Our current processing capacity, rapidly increasing, enables the crunching of billions of items of information opening up the Big Data world. The data goldfish bowl actually arrived several years ago, which is why those Tesco (or Walmart or whatever) vouchers always seem to turn up at the right time.

For GenY and the Gen i , the current babies using iPads to keep them amused and quiet, this has profound consequences. Entire lives will be/are digital, and there for all to see 24/7.

BIM  in the construction industry feeds into this picture, but is relatively small in comparison when considered on a global scale. But this digitisation of our lives, and everything we do, will eventually lead to smart projects , smart cities, and smart countries. Whether this leads to a smart humanity, is perhaps the greatest question. Only time will tell!



PS. – Gentle reader – I had a sort of peer review with those nice people at Brighton Chamber of Commerce this week ( which has made me re-evaluate the way i want to use this blog in the future.

So from now on, my commitment is that around the middle of the month there will be a spurt of entries to do with BIM, DM, and my life as a consultant. I am now one of a growing number of people 50+ (i won’t say by how much :o) ) who have joined the swelling ranks of independent consultants. It’s proving to be quite a journey…….!

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