The year of the HOW…crossing the Rubicon

Hi there

In terms of BIM adoption in the UK, this year could well see us cross the BIM Rubicon, where the tide of change becomes truly irresistible and inevitable.

In reality I think it already has, but looking back 2013 will mark the year when it became obvious.

This year we will get through the BIM froth and start to make real traction, the rubber will hit the road as they say.

We’ve had the general talks but now it’s about HOW we make this work, make this truly stick and begin to really change an industry.

Demand the answers!

To questions like, what does this mean to me, my business, my team, in my role , on a daily basis? Get people to explain BIM in ways and language that we can actually understand instead of disappearing into geek land filled with acronyms, and making it look like you need a Masters in IT to get it to work. We have to cut through the mystique and fear of BIM, and part of this is generated by the way we talk about it.

We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the girl or guy who turns up at work in an office, factory or site on a Monday morning at 9am and say “OK, what do I actually do now, to make this work?”

I’m hoping this year we will see lots of guidance published by all sorts of people and organisations to move the dialogue on. The technology still isn’t perfect, and there is much to do, but communication now is the key to widespread adoption.

The number of different groups that are now looking at BIM from different angles and sectors is growing, almost daily. Check out the different groups on

I’m now involved in the CIC BIM Hubs with the South East region which is another strand of communicating and connecting.

We need to challenge more – challenge the language and the way we talk about BIM. If people don’t understand then they can’t and won’t adopt this. If our language is the barrier, then we need to flex and adapt to get the message across in ways that everyone can engage with.

A few times recently I’ve heard the phrase “the cult of BIM”. Its getting a bit like that! A language all its own is developing and we’ll have to be careful that the cult or tribe of BIM doesn’t become just another silo. We need to integrate and collaborate, and communicate in ways that achieve understanding…..

“The Big Launch” happens on 28th February, seeing several key documents issued by the BIM Taskgroup. These put in place the frameworks for the way forward and will also demonstrate some of the Hows to make this work.

I think this is potentially the most exciting period of my career – in many ways, lots of subjects and aspects that we’ve talked about for decades are becoming a reality. But in our BIM group meetings it is easy to get caught up in a hothouse of enthusiasm and passion, and forget that outside, the vast majority are still only just waking up to what BIM is and what it means.

No doubt we have  long way to go, but we’re definitely on our way.



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