Awesome BIM

I attended the RICS BIM conference in London this week, and there were some excellent presentations, which were getting beyond the usual fare we’ve had for the last year. We’re beginning to see HOW BIM  is actually applied rather than just talking about it.

Dirk Krolikowski of Rogers Stirk Habour presented about Digital Protyping and also the Leadenhall Building (Cheesegrater). At the conclusion of his presentation he showed a video, which you can see here…….

it is the tender presentation that Laing O’Rourke produced and it is a consummate demonstration of the value, technology and impact of BIM on project delivery.

Yes its a huge iconic project, by a world class contractor with a world class team, but as you watch the video you can only be amazed at the stuff these guys are doing. It just shows what can be achieved, and yet was produced a few years ago! (What are they doing now????!!!)

To me this brought everything that we’re talking about into sharp focus, concentrated and distilled into 10 minutes. Awesome!

Secondly, Deborah Rowland, Head of FM from the Cabinet Office. speaking about what BIM means to managing the public sector estate. “Government Soft Landings powered by BIM”.

This is the end game, smart estates, cities, assets, powered by BIM , with accessible, structured digital information at everyone’s fingertips 24/7.

The value in the lifecycle is far greater than the design and construction portion where we currently focus so much of our effort. The government construction strategy is to lever this value.

BIM + GSL = Better Outcomes

Bring it on!



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