BIM goes bananas

Hi there


I attended a workshop for the champions of the CIC Regional BIM hubs yesterday. It was great to be wth a group of people who get the vision, can see the future of the industry and are prepared to do something and make a ruckus – so positive!

We had some great presentations from David Philp, Steve Race, Jaimie Johnston and Anne Kemp. I was struck by a few thoughts – just the sheer sense of something huge really beginning to come together, the government drive beginning to accelerate this year and just the very real sense that yes , this is going to happen, the industry is going to have to change, and no this isn’t go away at all.

Also no illusions about the challenges we face, but these changes are now inevitable. The construction industry has cried out for years  for better ways of working, and providing customer value and satisfaction. 

BIM is going to help us make this all stick – finally!

So for all those people who either are still wondering about BIM and should they get involved or not? The answer is simple – “Times up, come in no (Level) 2, you need to get BIMmed up!”




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