Go BIM or go home!

So said Laura Handler, Director of VDC* (what’s that!!??) of Tocci at the Autodesk conference yesterday in London.

I found Laura’s presentation and her approach at the seminar on BIM adoption jaw droppingly inspiring.

Admittedly their BIM journey began several years ago in the States, so nothing new there.

But get this.

This a major contractor. They do BIM regardless of what anyone else says, simply because they can control projects better, control their risk, and of course make a margin – they recognise the benefits. BUT it doesn’t stop there!

It is their approach to collaboration, sharing and innovation which is so refreshing, compared to the protectionism we are still seeing in the UK.

The Tocci team will share their ideas with anyone who wants to learn, even competitors, because it drives them on to improve and they gain through collaboration anyway.

There are enough big players in the UK adopting BIM and it would be good to see more openness about the good and the bad experiences. We’re trying to change an industry here, and we won’t do it by sitting in our silos and tribes!!!

Whether we’ve reached the tipping point on adoption, personally i’m not sure, but the key area for me is supply chain, and SME’s. These guys will be the engine room for BIM adoption, but we have a long way to go. Someone else mentioned a counter argument for innovation in this current climate – “Die!”

Perhaps a little over dramatic, but businesses and individuals in their careers who can adapt and change to BIM environments over these next few years will succeed, and those that don’t may well fade away. Other industries can tell us the tale of how this goes.

As for Laura 100% of their projects are BIM, and BIM adoption in the USA is about 70%. No going back.

This side of the pond, it’s only a matter of time!





*Virtual Design and Construction







One thought on “Go BIM or go home!

  1. Too right John. I thought it was a great day, and particularly liked Paul Morell’s motivating talk, as well as the master of spin himself. Onwards and upwards eh!


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