And the universe is held together with…….

Duct tape!

Several weeks ago I watched a programme on BBC2 about some scientists mapping the universe using a technology in some ways very similar to BIM – essentially imagine a model with data attached, but we’re talking stars, galaxies and dark matter. Apparently DM (!) constitutes something like 80% of the universe but we aren’t aware of it. DM holds it all together.

I think its actually duct tape that holds it all together, it is the quintessential 21st century product – multipurpose, multivalent, can be used in a variety of unending applications.

Chatting with John Munro at the CIOB Novus BIM event last night it occurred to me that perhaps Design Management is like Dark Matter ( synchronicity on the initials!). It holds it all together sometimes but doesn’t (at the moment) enjoy the profile it deserves.




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