CIOB DM Symposium – October 2012


Well we made it, it happened and in the end it was a great day.

Big thanks to all our speakers:

Paul Hartmann from the ODA who gave a Client’s perspective.

Rab Bennetts, Bennetts Associates speaking from an architects perspective.

Gavin Maxwell Hart, ex  Laing ORourke, the contractor

Mark Bew updated on BIM progress in the UK

and Adam Ward (AKA Batman) from BIM Technologies gave an insight into BIM, and demonstrated some model views and simulations.

As I said on the day, all these guys are formidable, their experience of the industry is second to none,  they have the t shirt, book, video and DVD.

The quality of presentations was excellent and the level of questions and input from the 45 or so attendees was brilliant.

We had a diverse mix of contractors, designers, PMs, DMs and academics, and students.

Of course we had some breakout discussions, and they raised some interesting, challenging and thought provoking ideas.

Certainly this is going to have a big input into how we move the CIOB DM project forward.


And finally a big thank you to all the team at CIOB for making this possible but particularly, Veronica, Una and Asmau.

Thank you ladies!







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