BIM and DM

For me one thing that became clear from the conference was the link between Design Management and BIM.

This is as I know is a reoccurring theme, but I don’t think we can avoid it – shall we tell the children?

However BIM isn’t DM, and neither is DM – BIM. We could argue that DM is about information and data management, and so is BIM but we’re doing different things.

Perhaps a new definition of DM might be something like managing the creative process of design through the use of BIM.?

However it seems to me the future of DM and BIM are inextricably intertwined, and BIM offers the Design Manager an opportunity to take the next evolutionary step in the development of what is already recognised as a nascent discipline.

An orchestrator or conductor is required – someone who understands enough of the design and construction process, whilst also having a foot in the technology camp to translate and interpret the interfaces, and to bring each team member into play at the right time.

Some DMers will want to get involved in pushing the buttons, others not so much perhaps, but the need and the inviting vacuum is there for those who want to move in this direction. I would suggest there’s plenty of room here, for everyone to get involved and find their level.

Happy Evolution everybody! Darwin would have been pleased.



2 thoughts on “BIM and DM

  1. I Entirely agree. Each DM now has a challenge ahead, and I look forward to sharing in each other’s journey and ideas/anecdotes along the way. Personally, being involved from tender to handover in a full level 2+ project is what I’m looking forward to next. Perhaps a blog on just this topic might be in order…?


  2. BIM could be developed into the process ‘Guardian’ (for want of a better word) of DM, as it would be equally for many other roles, it fills voids and missing links in a buildings lifecycle including: Design; build; own; operate; fund; transfer; mantain; re-cycle/use and demolish.


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