I can get by…

…with a little help from my friends…..


Can’t remember what made me think of it the other day.

I have been freelance since the start of 2012, and I’m still acclimatising to the world of the contractor. It’s certainly different! Sometimes you miss the support of a large organisation, but there are compensations.

Certainly I’m getting used to a more flexible lifestyle, even if my diary sometimes spontaneously combusts through overload. I’m not complaining! (Its funny how nothing happens for a week, then suddenly you need to be in 4 places at the same time!)

Anyway I have been touched and humbled by the support I’ve received over the last few months. Whether its advice, a kind word, some encouragement or a possible contact. All sorts of things have come my way, and it’s all good.

I know in the past I’ve helped people in their careers. There are several people I will be eternally grateful to in my own career at different points – they took the time and the effort, sometimes when I wasn’t ready to listen!

And it occurred to me…wouldn’t it be great if we all just did this a little more everyday? Most of this stuff costs nothing other than a little time and a bit of effort to help someone else, through a tricky moment. It could be a smile, a kind word, a piece of advice or just a sympathetic ear.

Strangely, i think its a law of the universe, the more we give, the more we receive.

Try it today.

Give someone a hand.









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