CIOB BIM Conference

The CIOB recently held a conference in Dublin at which it was a privilege and a joy to speak.

There were people from all over the world, and we had  a really good day. I think the intention was to get under the bonnet on BIM and what it means for the industry, and to start to answer some of the “how” questions.

Also to begin to understand the real implications for the construction industry. Some of it may not be pretty!

I used the theme of Darwin, and dinosaurs. We are now truly in a Darwinian moment which will last a few years. It is a sad reality that some businesses and individuals will not make the transition into BIM world successfully with dire implications.

The lean, the fit, the agile will survive and eventually succeed. Those that hang on to old school thinking and cultures will rapidly find they are being left behind.

In an industry of low margins and highly competitive tendering , efficiency will be king, because in BIM world that is how you will make money.

Sobering thought in these straightened times!

All the more reason to start your BIM journey now.

And of course there is still the equivalent of that meteorite to consider, that spelled doom for the kings of the land that time forgot.

Someone who understands information, data, and connectivity could enter our industry and clean up. No cultural baggage to contend with, no resistance to change, a blank sheet of paper. Google? Virgin? Apple?

Imagine your buildings designed and supplied by Apple. It arrives in an immaculately packaged box, thoughtfully designed, extremely high build quality and “it just works”.



And on that note….










One thought on “CIOB BIM Conference

  1. Google and Lego build a virtual Lego land in Australia. Google Sketch Up is used worldwide in the construction industry. ERP software for managing the building proces itself is common knowledge. What is holding them back to put this all together and try it with real bricks ? With an ERP online system which is client friendly, a good coding system for the database and an investment of a million euro’s, you have it up and running within a couple of years.
    If I only had the money and the right connections …


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