The BIM train……

has left the station………

Attended a few meetings recently such as a SECBE conference for supply chain, the BSI B555 meeting and the latest CIC BIM forum.

It was clear to me how much progress has been made even in just a few months, with the Ministry of Justice pilot projects starting, the BIM process work and Plans of Work project almost complete at this stage, and also moves afoot in various quarters on education and training.

The penny has certainly dropped for some, and particularly my concerns about smaller contractors, consultants and supply chain are being answered. However, there’s a long way to go…

…are you on board?

There is a lot to do and a long way to go – it seems to me the vast majority of the industry is still in the undecided box and standing on the platform.

A BIM model on any project will only be as good as the least capable in this arena in your team.  For the majors , they need to get their supply chain up skilled and integrated into the process.

For the early adopters , they are beginning to see the benefits of BIM and are able to use it to not only win work but also work more efficiently with more certainty and predictability.

Taking the decision not to take some time to explore BIM now at whatever level you could be comfortable with could be bordering on commercial suicide – remember if you don’t, no public sector work after 2016! And you will see those that do among your competitors disappearing into the distance at an increasing rate, winning more work and making more profits on the way.

For most in the industry it is now not so much a question of if but when and how much on the BIM trail. Engaging with this doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it have to be expensive – it just depends where you sit in the procurement process and the role you have. But… perhaps we are just reaching the point where now the embracing of BIM  is inevitable? Certainly the Government impetus has provided the push and imperative when otherwise in these lean times BIM might not have been on the agenda for a few years. Remember the drivers are to cut capital costs by 20% and reduce carbon.

I think a darwinian event of astronomical proportions is impacting our industry – as my friend and colleague Colin Williams has said (more than once!) “what we are seeing is just the industrialisation of the construction industry – aerospace, automotive, petrochem have already made the jump decades ago – we’re just catching up!”

To misquote Spock – “it’s evolutionary  BIM, but not as we know it!”

So time to buy your ticket and get on board (if you haven’t already) – it’s going to be quite a ride!



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