Customer service and focus

Recently I’ve been struck by some really good examples of customer service…….

Firstly I needed a grub screw for a door handle – I went to a hardware store in Brighton – I showed the guy behind the counter the door handle, he disappeared for about 10 minutes , found some screws that fitted. Just as I was about to pay for them, he said he’d file it down for me, – so for the next 10 minutes he turned this ordinary screw into a proper grub screw – cutting the head off, getting the right length, and then filing a new groove. All for the price of 70p!

As this was going on I was watching the shop- everyone who worked there clearly loved it – there was a buzz (in a hardware store? – why not ?) . Attention to detail, focus on the customer, what people wanted and needed – care in every detail – something we could all emulate….

Secondly I’d been getting the run around on home insurance and finally got to talk someone- the girl on the other end of the line was excellent – i had a load of questions and she worked through it and stayed on the line until all was sorted. In this case a lot of patience but determined to sort it out.

Just near us a new shop has opened selling coffee beans and ground coffee on the spot. We went in had a chat, smelled the coffee beans discussed what we wanted and bought some coffee. I went back yesterday and did some tasting too!

A new venture, built on passion and care about what they do.

Seth Godin writes in a recent blog about just caring more than everyone else. He’s right. In a world driven by lowest price and fastest delivery, those that care more, do the extra, don’t complain and in the end , deliver more than expected, will more than thrive let alone survive. Who would you rather work with?

Something to think about?

The world can be a better place!



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