Who pays the piper?

Had a meeting with a client today and someone selling media to the building industry.

The media company business model is built upon the suppliers of the information paying the company to distribute their information. The recipients get it for free.

This struck me as the wrong way round. It might have been ok in the past but if I’ve put in the intellectual effort, costs, resources, sweat, blood and tears in producing stuff for you, why have I then got to pay for you to have it?

If you want it, you pay for it! The action is for me to produce or have stuff that you value, want and will pay for.

Subscription based information delivery. We all know that in life nothing is truly free. Will you value or even trust something that is free to you?

I wonder.

Perhaps the info worm is turning here. The net has opened up new ways of networking, marketing and information delivery. Maybe we don’t need middle men at all.

Optimise your website for Google, provide some downloads and away we go.

Might give it a try…..






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