The Design Manager’s Handbook

And now the end is near….

My work on writing the Handbook is almost done (for now) and barring an attack of the zombies on an apocalyptic scale, the draft will go to the publisher by the end of February.(phew)

It has been a harsh mistress and almost taken over my life for the last year..but it has been a joy and privelege to talk with all sorts of people across the industry about DM, what it is and where its going.

It has pushed my boundaries of my own understanding, and made me think a lot about things I thought I understood. Lecturing to a group of students at Reading a while ago made me realise there were some things I hadn’t quite “got” yet! I hope I have now…but we’ll see!

We can always learn. My journey in DM this last year has opened up new shores to explore, new friends, new things to learn and new connections.

Through the internet, through BIM, through technology we’re becoming more connected and yet more isolated. We’re overloaded with data, spoilt for choice with options, and in the process we can lose the connections that matter.

For me in writing the Handbook, I’ve reconnected with my passion, why I went into this wonderful yet frustrating industry in the first place – to make things better.

As the CIOB DM project moves forward this year, we’re going to build on connections – connecting people, knowledge, skill, expertise – let’s make sure they’re the right ones!

Join us!



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