there’s nowt so queer as folk……

So they say up t’ north!

We’re obsessed with process, our check lists, handbooks, maps, spreadsheets, manuals and technology, software, hardware, gadgets, gizmos.

And yet we forget, it’s people that make things work, that put buildings together. A computer left to its own devices won’t quite cut it. It doesn’t have opposable thumbs (!) although the day isn’t far off when an artificial intelligence hooked up with a few robots will take over the building industry! Terminator here we come!

But it is people that come together as teams to collaborate and innovate. This is something that we each bring to the table – our human-ness, our uniqueness as individuals, with insights, perceptions, ideas, fallibilty and vulnerability , if we let the shields down.

So why is it when we work in teams that we just totally ignore probably the most significant factor in our collective success or failure?

Perhaps as an industry we need to explore our softer side! This doesn’t sit well with the macho image that the construction industry still continues to exude, but along with our programmes and deliverable targets, a little more thought about how the team can work together better as people might just help us meet those targets and provide success for our customers.



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