tell me that one again….

and again ..and again and……..again

I know I’m going on about BIM a lot, but its simply because I dont think we can avoid it. The train is coming down the track, and you can get on board or get out of the way.

Anyway I went to the BIMshowlive this week in London and it was a very good experience, with some knowledgeable speakers and some new insights into the UK Government strategy from David Philp. I thought Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon chaired the conference really well and led us thoughtfully through some really good questions.

However, it wasn’t all new. There were elements of some presentations I had seen before , even a few times.

But it struck me that storytelling is part of our culture. Its how we learn and reinforce knowledge and develop opinion. It occurred to me that the repetition and seeing the Bew/Richards BIM maturity diagram for the zillionth time, is a necessary part of us reaching consensus.

From the questions and comments that people were making, you could easily deduce that there’s an immense diversity of knowledge, capability and understanding. Whilst the best practice of acknowledged leaders is paraded, there is still the vast majority struggling to come to terms with the implications. Our industry is so very fragmented, and Government is forcing us to work together, which is great , but you can feel the the cogs grinding…

So the repetition , the story telling, is all part of us getting to grips with this, and reaching consensus. There’s going to be a lot more before we all reach Level 2 by 2016.

So tell me again about the BIM ramp….



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