constant change

To change or not to change…

Someone once said to me that in business, change is a given, and the sooner I got used to it the better. Someone else, a very experienced project planner once said to me that if you sit still long enough everything comes round again! Strange but in a way I think he was right. But not this time…

However for us baby boomers, things are never going to be the same again –ever. Our world is under attack on many many fronts and soon the siege will become irresistible. Whether you’re looking at climate change, dwindling natural resources, rising energy costs, dwindling employment, changing demographics, emerging technology, world economic changes, the alien space invasion (ooopps got carried away..), the message is the same – we are on the cusp of global change on a scale never seen before and it will impact within a generation even less perhaps.

Isn’t this about DM?

The Design Manager can never work in isolation – DM is all about connectivity with all aspects of the project. The buildings and projects we produce in the built environment will be delivered against this backdrop.

Technology and BIM will change the way we work, its not just DMErs in the line of fire here.

I think it’s nothing short of everything.

The professional tribes we have, the way we educate new professionals, and the institutions we have, will eventually change under the onslaught. The buildings and infrastructure we deliver will be different too, zero carbon, recyclable, loose fit and flexible adaptable for increasing climate change and new technologies.

Selected and designed in showrooms, not unlike a car showroom – you want a house/office/hospital? You pop along to the visualisation suite with your ┬ádesigner person, and select from a whole range of options and libraries of systems to create your masterpiece. The order is placed over the internet, and it’ll come on the back of a lorry in a few weeks, possibly from Amazon! (Why not?)

Change is coming to our industry like never before.

But it will be the Gen Y’s and their progeny that will drive it through, simply because in our babyboomer DNA we still hold the ways of the past. We’ve seen the change from analogue to digital within our lifetimes. The digital natives who’ve always known the technology with their new ways of working, networking and connecting, will inherit the revolution, and drive it on through.

As for me, I’m still a baby boomer on a mission, and I’m going to surf the wave for as long a I can.

See you on the beach. (i might have said that before)



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