The rising tide of…………BIM!

Over the last 6 months I’ve been getting involved in the world of BIM. Looking at what’s going on, what people are up to and I’m now involved in a few cross industry groups.

I’ve come across a few different reactions, which can be summarised as

Hide, Hold back the tide, and Ride the wave.

Amazingly there are still people who have no idea what BIM is, and prefer to stay in blissful ignorance. There are some also who whilst having a vague idea , are paying it no attention at all, don’t think it will affect them and want to carry on life in our wonderful industry just as they are. Wrong! You can hide from it , but BIM will catch up with you!

There are always those happy souls who resist any technological change, and like King Canute, they’re on the beach, arms outstretched, trying to hold back the tide. Good luck with that one chaps, I think the tide will come in , surround you and sweep you away if you’re not careful!

And finally the surfers. Riding the tube wave. These people might fall off occasionally but they’re soon back up on the board and at it full throttle. BIM will be like that. It will take the industry to places we’ve only dreamed of. Yes there will be failures, mistakes and lots of “learnings”. It will at times be painful and bumpy, but within a generation the design and construction industry in the built environment will be transformed.

Soon, the wave will be almost irresistible. It’s not too late to join in. So get your shorts and your board!

See you on the beach!



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