Fast Forward!

I’ve been living on my own for just over a year now. It’s been hard but I can please myself. So if I want to leave the week’s takeaways littering my flat , I can! Ha ha! I haven’t watched any TV, I don’t have one. But I have started watching a lot of stuff […]

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Hola muchachos!

Just to say thank you for reading whoever and wherever you are!   My blog stats are now the best I’ve had for 4 years! But it’s been tough. I can honestly say 2020 has been the toughest year of my life. 2019 wasn’t much better! But thank you to you dear reader for hanging […]

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Bevin Boy

These truly are unsung heroes. Many like my father have now passed on, with little recognition by anybody at all really. For those unfamiliar you can read their story here: Bevin Boys Association The Forgotten Conscript Men like my father instead of being conscripted into the Army, RAF, or Navy for the forces in World […]

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Introducing Mr BIM – The Schoolmaster

It’s easy to push the blame around. We love our processes, the BIM standards, guidance, tools, apps, plug-ins , copious never-ending updates and new tech shiny playthings, a veritable avalanche smorgasbord of stuff, information, bits, bytes and data that overwhelms, daily, hourly even, complete with flashing lights, ringing bells and buzzers. And hubcaps. Always chase […]

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Eine kleine Value Engineering Musik!

The following is a blog published today in association with Tom Buffery of Talk Recruitment The Construction Design Manager – Value Engineering Tips In this blog, we spoke to a special guest, John Eynon, who is not only a very experienced construction Design Manager but also notably the author of “The Design Managers Handbook” to bring to […]

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I have no legs

I have no legs. No arms. No hope. No dreams. No roof. No bed. No family. No-one to care. No money. No love. No clean water. No sanitation. No health. No health care. No sight. No hearing. No food. No shelter. No heat. No light. No salvation. No life. I imagine as you read this […]

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