It was my fate. To be in a different quadrant, at the extreme of the scale, a different perspective. I remember a workshop with a top ten contractor….a team working exercise to discover our preferences… to discover i was the only one in one of 4 quadrants in a room of twenty people…it hit me… […]

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On the BBC website today, worth a look: BBC Gender Pay Gap animation I am a white middle to late aged professional man. So I have an inbuilt bias and I recognise that. I haven’t experienced discrimination on the basis of my sex, orientation or ethnicity. In fact probably the opposite! There will be those […]

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I am the oldest child I make the rules. I am the youngest child the rules don’t apply to me. I am the middle child I am the reason for the rules. I am all. Who am I?

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The scene is the roof of the tower block where The Matrix agents are hlding Morpheus prisoner – Neo lies prone on the ground, an agent towering over him, gun pointed ready for the kill. Neo had dodged most of the bullets in the battle using his nascent abilities but his belief had failed with […]

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