A new hope…not Star Wars!

At the end of what must be the most disappointing week personally I’ve had in recent years, it was a joy and a delight to be involved in the judging of the Construction News Rising Star awards 2018 in London. I was a late substitute for her majesty Alison Watson MBE who had gone to […]

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Lean meets car wash….

Had my car washed last week. D+T in Leatherhead, you might know them, just off junction 9 of the M25. A little plug here, but I don’t mind, I’ll tell you why. #excellencecomesasstandard That’s what these guys do. Every time. No ifs buts or cream cheese. They do the business. They are to car washing […]

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The Deanes Academy – Class Of Your Own

“Developing the next generation of construction professionals!” A varied team of people from across the industry have come together as a collaborative consortium – Team Prometheus –  to support a school in Essex with delivery of the DesignEngineerConstruct! curriculum developed by construction education specialists Class Of Your Own. Our support will include assisting teachers with […]

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